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Vestibular & Balance Problems

Dizziness and balance problems are common. So are falls and, worse, falls that result in significant fractures or other injury. For these reasons, we offer complete evaluation and therapy to understand and resolve balance-related problems and help you prevent falls that could affect your life.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment

Your care starts with an extensive evaluation to assess your balance problems. Immediately afterward, we develop a personalized treatment program. We are one of the only rehab facilities in the area with the training, education and ability to get to the bottom of your dizziness or balance difficult. In addition to other methods, we use state-of-the-art, "gold-standard" balance testing to objectively test the three systems involved in your balance. We can determine if your problem is related to your inner ear (vestibular system), your visual system or motor control (somatosensory system).

As with any treatment, our plan for resolving yoru dizziness or balance problem is based on your individual needs and situations. Then, we consider the evidence and incorporate only those therapies known to get results. To resolve your difficulty and safeguard agains falls, you'll be cared for by a physical therapist with extensive training in vestbular (balance) therapy. The goal of their customized balance therapy program is to improve your stability and safety while helping you maintain your independence. Some of the advanced balance therapy methods we offer include:

  • Postural & balance exercises
  • Strengthening
  • Gait & core stabilization exercises
  • Manual correction techniques for BPPV

We will also ask you about your home environment to see how it might affect yoru balance disorder. then, we will make recommendations based on your specific individual needs.

There are many reasons for you to lose your blaance. We treat them all, and we strive for the best results possible. For more information on vestibular disorders and how we can help patients improve their safety and maintain their independence, call Orland at 530-865-8457.